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Choices in the Face of Frustration

“No. I can do it.” Words that can make you smile or sigh with frustration. It’s morning and everyone needs to be out of the house. The toddler can feed themselves, but it’s the messy eating that involves food all over the table, floor, and toddler’s face. Today’s breakfast is oatmeal. You realize you will be late if you don’t offer assistance.

“No. I can do it,” rumbles the toddler, as soon as you pick up the spoon. And sure enough oatmeal is splattered everywhere. Sighs. You can either fully clean and leave late or clean when you get back home. Choices. The choice is made to go in between. A quick clean so you don’t return to ants and short enough so that everyone leaves on time.

Daily we must make choices to do what is right. Sometimes they are urgent and pressing, but most times they are simply the daily choices of life. Being a parent can increase these daily choices leaving us depleted at the end of the day. In times like these we can lean on God to refill our tanks, so that we can be at our best for our children and ourselves.

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