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Powerful Words to Say to Your Child

Words are important. Words are powerful. We can change a person’s trajectory by what we choose to say. Children growing up in an environment where they hear positive comments develop self-confidence and the ability to thrive and excel in their environment. Additionally, children develop intrinsic motivation when they listen to words of praise and encouragement. Here are 45 powerful words to say to your child today. 

  1. I love you.
  2. I believe in you.
  3. I accept who you are.
  4. I love your creativity.
  5. I trust you.
  6. Thank you for being you.
  7. I’m listening.
  8. I’m so glad you’re here.
  9. You are interesting.
  10. That’s a great question.
  11. I am always here for you.
  12. You are amazing.
  13. You can say no.
  14. You can change your mind.
  15. I’m excited to spend time with you.
  16. Your opinion is important.
  17. I’m sorry.
  18. You did your best.
  19. You make me smile.
  20. You are important to me.
  21. I am happy to be your parent.
  22. Let’s come up with a solution together.
  23. What do you think?
  24. Thank you for sharing with me.
  25. I will never stop loving you.
  26. I have faith in you.
  27. You are valuable.
  28. Growing is hard work.
  29. Your body is your own. 
  30. It’s fun to do things with you.
  31. I’m happy to talk to you.
  32. I knew you could do it.
  33. I am always curious to hear what you think.
  34. You would be a fantastic leader.
  35. Your future is bright.
  36. I’m your biggest fan.
  37. You’re my favorite part of the day.
  38. Wow, you’re really improving.
  39. You must feel so proud.
  40. I’m proud of the way you handled that.
  41. I love your determination.
  42. You’re making fantastic progress.
  43. I understand what you are going through.
  44. I will help you through this.
  45. I love your thinking brain.
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5 thoughts on “Powerful Words to Say to Your Child”

  1. Being a parent is such a wonderful experience, it is also challenging. These words of encouragement are so helpful for our kids and us.

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